All Natural and Farm Fresh... Artisan Cheese from Michigan's Amish Countryside.

Natural Smoked Cheddar

Natural Smoked Cheddar

Smoked CheeseOur Natural Cold Smoked Cheeses are unusually flavorful. To create these delicious cheeses, we first create our all natural, farm produced artisanal cheeses. After our initial cheese process is complete, we place the cheese in a smoker. We proudly use a traditional process that incorporates real wood smoke. We use a variety of woods and saw dust to create the perfect smoke flavor.

The wood or saw dust is burned, and cooled smoke is funneled into the smoker. As opposed to many smoked cheeses on the market, which are created with liquid smoke flavoring, our cheeses are infused with this real wood smoke. This time-tested process creates the unequaled and rich flavor of our Natural Cold Smoked Cheeses.

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  • Natural Smoked Cheddar

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    Our Smoked Cheddar is a six-month matured Yellow Cheddar, cold smoked with Hickory Saw Dust, not liquid smoke. If you like smoked food, this naturally smoked cheese will become a certain favorite.