All Natural and Farm Fresh... Artisan Cheese from Michigan's Amish Countryside.

Flavored Cheeses

Flavored Cheeses

Our Flavored Cheeses are each unique, depending on the flavors combined. There are, however, several constants, which make our flavored cheeses the favorites of so many connoisseurs. We begin each flavored cheese with a farm made traditional cheese. Only when our cheese meets our highest standards as a traditional cheese in its own right, do we combine it with a farm fresh produce or all natural flavor.

The herbs and seasonings we use are farm grown and the meat we use is farm raised, smoked and antibiotic free. Each flavored cheese recipe has a specific flavor balance achieved for that particular cheese, from the supremely hot and spicy habanero, to our mild and creamy caraway.

We invite you to try each of our special flavors and let us know which one is your favorite!

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  • Bacon

    from $2.75

    Two of the world’s favorite flavors, smokey bacon and creamy cheese, are well married in this ideal choice for a cozy dinner appetizer or brunch. Real Hickory Smoke Salt and True Bacon are added to our Michigan jack. Complements a burger like no other!

  • Dill

    from $2.75

    We cannot think of many combinations more perfect than dill and our supple Jack cheese. The creamy mild Jack has a slight buttery aroma and is given a subtle pop of flavor by the addition of fresh farm grown dill. This sweet and mellow cheese matches well with light bodied wines, figs, pears and nuts.

  • Habanero

    from $2.75

    Our best selling specialty, this cheese is hot enough to fly off the shelves and hot enough to satisfy even the fireiest cowboy. Real orange habanero peppers are added to our Michigan Jack. This Tex-Mex inspired cheese is not for the tentative taster. It is truly one of the hottest cheeses on the market!

  • Horseradish

    from $3.24

    If you are a true horseradish lover, this cheese is for you. The potent bite of real horseradish root, is soothed by the pairing with our creamy Michigan Jack. Enjoy this rich cheese with a bite, but very little burn. Try it with our delicious cheese toast recipe.

  • Onion and Garlic

    from $2.75

    A classic full flavored cheese, this delicious mix is full of fresh onion and garlic. It awakens pasta, burgers, sandwiches or any favorite cheesy recipe. Nothing tastes better on its own or with crackers.

  • Pepper Cheddar

    from $3.00

    This is a marbled White and Yellow Cheddar. In addition to looking like a work of art, this cheese is mixed with Jalapeno Pepper which brings a sweet but spicy flavor. This cheese is the mildest in heat of our pepper cheeses.

  • Truffle

    from $5.10

    If you love Mushrooms, this cheese will tantalize your taste buds. We use black truffle peelings and white truffle oil to give this cheese its rich flavor. Nothing beats our truffle cheese in omelets or scrambled eggs.

  • Veggie

    from $2.75

    This is a Michigan Jack cheese loaded with a flavorful variety of vegetables, carrot, onion, red and green bell peppers, parsley and potato. It has such a lively flavor it awakens many dishes and you will enjoy it just as well with crackers.